Why let thousands of kWh warm water energy and 30,000 - 40,000 liters of fresh water per household run out the drain every year and completely in vain?


We have developed a superior method for saving water that has been tested and refined since 1976. Save hundreds of euros per year and household by replacing your aerators and showers with our unique and effective water saving products.


Many modern kitchen mixers require a flow of 6 - 10 liters/minute to obtain a good rinsing effect. ELLESS aerators reduce this flow to just 3,5 - 6,0 liters/minute without obstructing the rinsing effect!


Until today, millions of units have been successfully installed in public facilities, hotels, apartment buildings etc. all around the world. The results are:

  • 50-60% water savings
  • Energy savings
  • Improved water pressure and showering comfort
  • Reduced or eliminated water hammers
  • Long life, hence long guarantee
  • The specially treated filters make lime deposits impossible.

Distribution of the water consumption in an average household

The picture is based on up-to-date figures from the Swedish Energy Agency. The total water consumption varied between 58 and 156 liters/person/day. The average time spent in the shower per day was 4,7 minutes (hot water) and 4,6 minutes (cold water).


Cold water (cw) and hot water (hw) consumption was distributed in the different parts of the household as follows:

  • 23% hw and 18% cw for kitchen sink
  • 27% hw and 13% cw for bathtub/shower
  • 11% hw and 8% cw for washbasin


ELLESS - Best at water saving - in reality

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ELLESS recommended by the SSNC

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