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Lundberg & Son VVS-produkter AB® is a family-owned limited company with 30 years of experience in water saving products. Our aim is to provide the market with high-quality products that reduce the operating costs of our customers.


We have offices in Stockholm and Halmstad, Sweden. Our products are installed all over the world and can be found, among others, in Sweden, Norway, England, Germany, USA and several of the Mediterranean countries.

Our products

We manufacture water saving products for kitchen sinks, bathroom sinks, showers and bathtubs that both save water and increase the showering and rinsing comfort at the same time. A decrease in water consumption is not only favorable from an economic point of view; it also reduces negative environmental effects. The pay-back time is very short.


By replacing existing hand showers and aerators with ELLESS water saving products, an average household can save 1000-2000 kWh and ten thousands of litres of fresh water per year.

Our customers are:


  • Real-estate and building companies
  • Holding companies
  • Co-operative building societies
  • Municipalities
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Leisure facilities
  • Armed Forces
  • Schools



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